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B&B Villa 61 - Eleonore

... I am Eleonore and together with my family we welcome you a Villa 61 - Maison de Campagne.

Il best mode of telling us is through our home,   .

Villa 61  is for us a set of sensations and emotions, a place that makes you feel good and rediscover yourself, a refuge away from the confusion of everyday life, where you can breathe calm and serenity.

La  proximity to the countryside has us gift  slow rhythms, genuine people and flavors; healthy, true and genuine made us rediscover the little things of life and nature.

Living at Villa 61 means surrounding yourself with flowers, seasonal smells, views that are never the same, objects with a history, cooking scents, laughter.

Here we are all this, we like to walk, talk, share, stay with the family e in company.

For discover it you have to be there, to breathe some of the magic that you live in Villa 61 and that is part of us.

Villa 61

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